Paris rhone alternator wiring diagram

There are literally thousands of these alternators out there. Even large Caterpillar and Cummins engines have used the 8MR alternators. This Motorola style alternator is currently being manufactured by Leece-Neville and they are a darn good small frame alternator, for their size. If you intend to use one of these on a boat please use only a genuine Leece-Neville product.

Some models are a single adjuster ear and others come with a universal ear configuration. The regulators though are all the same old design. Install these alternators on a large enough bank and they will literally cook themselves. The stock internal regulator lacks temp protection, float modes and a myriad of other features external smart-regulators can offer. This regulator has an adjustable output range from They ships from the factory set at Our favorite external smart regulators are the Balmar regulators.

Because Balmar offers more features and programming options than any other regulator on the market at that price point. They also have excellent tech support and answer the phone using human beings. We suggest sticking with Balmar. You get what you pay for with a Balmar regulator and the MC is our hands down favorite. It fits most Universal and Westerbeke engines except those that use a a dual-foot 50A Mitsubishi alternator as well as many others.

The first step in this conversion is to remove the four machine screws holding the stock-regulator onto the alternator.

paris rhone alternator wiring diagram

The next step is to remove the four wires that connect the voltage regulator to the alternator. For the 8MRTA this means one red wire, two yellow wires and one black wire. This is as easy and as straight forward as it sounds. Once the wires have been disconnected simply tilt the regulator up to expose the internal brush connections. This is quite simple and takes about seconds to complete. This gasket prevents errant sparks from the brushes from igniting any potential fumes and keeps the brush box sealed.

We then talked Leece-Neville into doing one last production run for us before the machine was scrapped. This allowed Compass Marine Inc.


The supply is dwindling. Leece-Neville used to manufacture an external regulation conversion kit for the 8MR series of alternator. The original was a design done for Balmar and then, when Balmar discontinued the Model 81, they added the conversion kit to their product line. The first step in assembling the kit is to slide the ring end of the wires over the carriage bolts as shown here. Now slide the black plastic insulators over the carriage bolts with the flat side facing the ring and the side with the smaller square facing up as shown.

If the insulators are not installed correctly, you can literally create a dead short and ground out on the alternator case. This could ruin your day. In this image the small square is properly oriented to prevent the machine screw from making contact with the cover plate.

How to Check Your Starting and Charging System

With the studs, and the internal insulators pressed in place install the large insulating washers over the studs.Return to L'Original Renault. Chat room is currently empty. Come hang out for a bit and see who pops in. So I decided to install a Delco cs - amp alternator that would easily handle the task.

Volvo Penta alternator wiring

I used one from a Chevy suburban with the 5. GM CS alternators are easier to get and have higher outputs than most alternators.

The one I used has mounting areas on the case that are positioned very similar to the Paris Rhone alternators that come in our LeSharos. With some minor modification to one of the mounting tabs and the addition of two support brackets I managed to install the unit into the factory mounting position and it uses the stock serpentine belt. It is larger than the Factory alternator but if fits, larger alternators provide more charge at idle and unlike the factory alternator they have a minimal loss under engine compartment heat.

You need to grind down one of the mounting tabs so it is the same thickness as the original alternator. You need to make two additional support brackets and attach them to the existing intake and lower engine brackets for support. You will need the Alternator plug for the CS and you will make the following connections; The yellow wire from the old alternator plug will go to the "S" terminal on the CS, the orange wire from the old alternator plug will go to the "L" light terminal on the CS, The large red battery wire goes to the battery post on the CS Done Now how well does it work?

This is the way to go. Wondering if it would fit my GM 3. My "Cottage Car" is a Lesharo with a 3. Can't delete for some reason. Last edited by Alan Bergman on Sat Oct 04, pm, edited 1 time in total. Will this harness work for our conversion?? Here is the description of the harness.DB Electrical Alternators DB Electrical keeps vehicles of every shape and size moving forward — from mowers, motorcycles and ATVs to automobiles, tractors, pickups and large commercial trucks.

We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory direct prices. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your alternator meets your expectations. Engineer-Tested Excellence — Our alternators go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance.

Most alternators are supplied with their final test results and performance curve. Reasons to choose DB Electrical for your next alternator: Built to Take the Heat — Most DB Electrical alternators offer high-temperature epoxy, heavy-duty rectifiers, high-quality regulators, top-quality bearings and high-temperature grease for better charging and longer life under high-heat environments.

Depth of Inventory — Find both common and hard-to-find alternators for virtually any type of vehicle to travel over road, trail or water. Brand New Alternator — Never settle for a secondhand refurbished one. Non and International at checkout or call Domestic 48 Contiguous States. UPS Ground - Delivery in 2 to 6 business days.Wednesday, November 27, Butec Alternators Models.

Models Covered:. Note the following to prevent damage. Battery Installation - Negative battery terminal must be connected to ground. Positive terminal must be connected to starter lead. DO NOT reverse battery leads. Battery Charging - If a Quick Charger is used, both battery cables must be disconnected from battery. Booster Battery For Engine Start - Booster battery must be connected with negative lead to negative terminal and positive lead to positive terminal. Butec alternator is a three-phase unit with six silicon rectifying diodes.

Check stator phases for ground to alternator frame, using a volt test lamp. This is a delta connected stator, therefore if one phase shows ground, all phases will be similarly affected.

All reading should be approximately the same check with ohmmeter. Voltage or lamp brilliancy should be the same across phases, and A pronounced difference in voltage reading or lamp brilliancy indicates shorted or ground stator terminals.

Extract drive key from shaft. Remove brushes together with washers, insulating cover, cork gasket and jumper leads after removing the two field terminal nuts. Remove three Nyloc nuts and through bolts which hold the unit together. With a brass drift held against the end of rotor shaft gently tap the drift with a hammer and remove slp-ring end housing and stator.

12V, 50A Marine Alternator

Using a arbor type press or gear puler remove rotor from the drive end housing. Positive Post Diodes - With negative probe of ohmmeter on terminal post of diode No.

Next with positive probe of ohmmeter on terminal post of diode terminal No. Each positive post should be checked in the above manner. Negative Post Diodes - All three diodes should be tested in a similar manner to above. With positive probe of meter on post of the diode and negative probe on corresponding heat sink, the meter should indicate a low resistance.

A very high resistance should be indicated when the meter probes are reversed. Fiel Diodes - Test in the same manner as above. No reading should be obtained. Rotor - If the rotor bearing, slip-rings and coil are in good condition, further dismanling is unnecessary. If the rotor coil is open circuited, grounded or does not have correct resistance, the rotor is beyond repair and must be replaced. Stator and Housing - Check stator windings for burned, broken, or damaged insulation.Any content, information, or advice found on social media platforms and the wider Internet, including forums such as YBW, should NOT be acted upon unless checked against a reliable, authoritative source, and re-checked, particularly where personal health and liberty is at stake.

It is your responsibility to provide references to bona fide sources. Forums New posts Search forums.

paris rhone alternator wiring diagram

What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Volvo Penta alternator wiring. Thread starter dalex Start date 3 Dec Joined 11 Jul Messages Location Suffolk.

Hi folks, Calling on the powers of you all in the hope I can get my alternator charging again! I removed the alternator from the starboard of a pair of AD41B's, and like a total waarrt, forgot to note where the wiring goes, guessing it was the same as the port engine. How wrong I was! It is quite awkward to get to the alternator, and the only way to se what's going on there, is by using a mirror.

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Ok the alternator has 4 terminals, and doesn't correspond to any diagram I have of any volvo engine. There are 2 reasonably thick wires which fit on this, and there is a hint of red exposed in the insulation.

A yellow wire runs from this terminal into the body of the alternator. B- This is strapped to the engine block on the port engine, so I did likewise on the stbd. There is a round connector which fits over this, with 3 wires crimped together.

paris rhone alternator wiring diagram

The alternator has 2 smaller terminals, W - which I reckon goes to the rev counter. There is only one wire which has a ring terminal on the end, which fits this accurately, and will not fit on any of the other terminals, so this one gotta be right, yes? Not sure, but think this should go to the warning light. There was a gray wire with a round terminal which has a hole large enough to fit over the largest terminal, so this could go anywhere!The next set of tips were received on the following Thursday ahead of the British Masters, but at this stage our bank was 0.

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External Regulation Conversion – Leece-Neville 8MR Alternator

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